Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Work Experience: Just Tell Him

I would like to thank God for this divine revelation I received a couple of weeks ago while praying with a few people. I pray you don't get lost in my gibberish :P

So today we get to look at the word "Omniscience" which means "all knowing " or "knowing everything" (thanks again Google). I have been working in retail for quite some time now but I hadn't done "stock taking" with them before till a couple of weeks ago. Stock taking is done to make a clear record of the products we have and products that could be missing or have been stolen etc but more to the point. Because I hadn't done this before I was ensured by one of my managers that it would be fairly easy but if it so happened that I made a mistake then I should make sure to quickly alert them so that they could fix the problem and carry on (hold that thought). On the day of stock taking we were each given scanners. Here's how the system works:

1. Each employee is given a scanner to count products and an ID number so that the scanner can be put under your name.
2. Because the shop is so big, each employee is given a certain location to count products.
3. For every counted product, information is passed on to the main system, which records the number of products along with the ID number of the person who made the count.
Because retail is driven by productivity and such, it is very important that these things are done on time so that there's no loss of sales etc. Likewise, when you make a mistake, speak up so they can fix it within time. The consequence of your silence could cost you a verbal warning, a written warning and the loss of a job. Thanks to the system, they will always know who made the mistake if they check the ID number (oh technology, thy knowledge is cunning)

Just my luck!! I had to go and make the mistake. Well I wasn't about to get fired so I went up to the manager and told her I had made a huge mistake and mixed up a couple of things, my heart racing and everything. She saw what I had done and managed to fix it up properly and assured me it was sorted. 

Just last week I was praying with a group and I was asked to bring up some prayer points. So I'm there speaking to them about asking for God's favour in the area of mercy. At this point I'm searching deep in my heart for verses I could think of to show that God is very merciful if we come to Him for forgiveness; verses like 1John1: 9 'If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." At that time I couldn't even remember the chapter or verse but I kept repeating that prayer point until He allowed me to remember my mistake at work.  Then it all made sense to me. God is omniscient; meaning that He knows when we sin against Him and yet He is very strong on this one request, just tell Him!!! tell Him because that is the only way He can help you before it is too late. The consequences are similar; failure to ask for forgiveness could cost you a verbal warning, a written warning (The Word), or you could be fired... literally. 

So what can we take from this:

1. God's omniscience is beyond understanding- Only He knows why I made that mistake. Chances are if I hadn't, I wouldn't be sharing this right now. 
2. What more can technology do that He can't ?- All I can say if you believe in the knowledge of technology then you best believe that God also has our ID numbers and has placed us in His own system that He checks daily to see if you have corrected the errors you have made because one thing is for sure; there will be errors.
3. Don't play with God's timing- have you ever sinned and said "I will pray for forgiveness later" God forbid but who told you you might see "later". Our biggest downfall is we tend to want to do things on our own time without acknowledging the consequences. Retail might lose sales.... but God might lose souls. Food for thought.

Finally!! we can Close at this, if you're ever overwhelmed by your fear so much that you can't go to God, just tell satan get the hell out of your way. No literally, you tell satan to take his hell away from your path because you are going to ask your father for forgiveness. sincerely guys... just tell Him :). 

 "O God, you know how foolish I am; my sins cannot be hidden from you"

And that's not #Omni
God bless you for reading.

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