Monday, 29 December 2014

Who's report will you believe?

Before you read I just want to say I talk, or rather type too much but please bare with me.

Just to encourage anyone who will read this I feel it would be best to open a new post with a personal testimony from this year. I'm currently a 2nd year psychology student and by God's grace everything is going well. However, it hasn't always been like this. There have been plenty of times I felt like giving up and I'm sure most of you might be on the same boat with me on this once you read on. For some time now after I graduated from secondary school, in which I did well. I got an offer for a course I had wanted (computer science), in a University that was well known, but couldn't attend because at the time the fees were very high and at the same time as an African student, was required to pay non-European fees which were quite higher (Here's a side note: considering the fact that you're a non-European student, in what way does it make sense that you have to pay higher fees than European students. with what money....). I couldn't even get this government assistance called the "Grants" who basically pay for your course, because I wasn't European. So anyway I couldn't attend college that year and then resorted to attending a year business course, which I also did well in Thank God. The next year I got yet Another offer in a different college with a similar course to the first one. I attended the first semester but unfortunately couldn't finish, due to fees again and also the fact that the course was so competitive I couldn't juggle fees stress and study at the same time. So I dropped out and looked for a job, which I got.However, none of the money I made went towards my fees for next year because a lot of things came up with family issues and what not so I had to contribute (funny how that happens). Bare in mind that while all of this was happening I was still trying to build my relationship with God, slowly but surely.

So I worked for half of the year until I got another offer In the college that I am currently in right now. In my heart I was determined to stay in this college. The course was interesting and allowed me to view where I wanted to go with it. My mother managed to pay at least the deposit so the college could calm down and keep me on. At this time I was also only required to pay European fees even though I wasn't European per say (needless to say the fees were still pretty high). I managed to stay on the course for the whole year and passed both of the semesters with no carry overs Thank God. However, second year was the ultimate challenge. Recalling the fact that I had only paid the deposit in the previous year, the college called me to specifically say I wouldn't be attending the college this year because I still had the rest of the money to pay off from the previous year. Meanwhile, when all of this was happening, my relationship with God was getting better. I had managed to move out from my father's church and decided to see if I could go to another church on my own terms without having to feel as if I was forced to go and I can honestly say all was going well for me or at least it all went as well as it could. I had made more friends in the church, practically a family in which I could confide in.

When I received that call it really did a lot in my mind and it got me questioning a lot of things that allowed negativity to set in. I remember this one time before the 2nd year commenced I decided to swallow my pride and told one of my brothers what I was going through. You know what he said ?  "Who's report will you believe?? that of man or that of God?" I'll tell you one thing, nothing in this world can frustrate you more than someone who can only give you advice at this point of time. I remember in my heart just thinking "bro I need money not motivation!!" It was even worse because what he was saying actually made sense. Another one of my brothers just prayed for me and told me that if it was the will of God then it would all be sorted and he assured me that the lord would settle me and that I should basically apply my faith into it and just attend college for my second year oh and also to try and apply for my grants... knowing well that I wouldn't be eligible because at this point I was late and still wasn't quite "European" . you know what I was thinking right? " Here we go again". I'll tell you the truth, If I didn't apply my faith I wouldn't be telling you this testimony today.. Please read on.

I got some assistance from a few people whom I can't specify but it wasn't much to complete my last years debt but was enough for them to let me attend second year. During this time I was receiving some pressure to complete my debt, let alone having to pay this year's deposit, lest I drop out of college altogether and try again next year. Let me tell you what God did

During this time I had never stopped praying and neither did my brothers. The lord did something that still leaves me in awe till today. I got my red passport which not only deemed me European, but made me an Irish citizen. The grant, who would normally make up excuses as to why I cant receive any funds from them, who had also alerted me that I applied very late and wouldn't be their first priority, were calling me to send in my documentation to be processed. By His grace I received my grants for this year and brought it straight to my college and explained. while acknowledging the fact that my debts were fully not paid from last year, God was not finished working on me yet. The fees office assured me that It was still not acceptable as they wanted all their payment in full and upfront. While still standing there, I saw the woman draw up a new payment plan in which I could pay my debt in instalments that were very convenient for me. I am now in the middle of paying my debt but the plus side  I never have to pay for my fees again next year. I am currently a psychology student. Please tell me that is not God. I remember telling half of this story to my brother before my testimony had even been fully completed and you know what he said ? "Brother, who's report will you believe". He brought that to my remembrance again and I was lost for words and I just smiled.

I don't know what each one of you might be going through. Fees, depression, struggles, any form of hardship, but what I know is that you can trust in God. The only question I can ask you when you're going through all of this, when the whole world might appear to be against you, is.... Who's report will you believe?

“I love you and I will stand on your side even if the whole world is against you.” 

― M.F. Moonzajer, A moment with God ; Poetry

And that's not #Omni ;)

God bless you for reading