Friday, 22 May 2015

The Beauty Inside

There's something about clichés that I don't quite like sometimes. I find that they tend to be conversation fillers, especially when you're explaining your problem  to someone, only to hear something like "God is in control" or "Everything happens for a reason". That being said, there's a level of significance in them and I must say it hit me very well this week. Let's take a trip.

One of my brothers asked me to attend an evening mid week service in church which was the next day and I told him I would think about it (which was my way of saying "Nahhh Bruh"). Needless to say the next day I received some conviction in my heart that basically allowed me to realise that if I didn't go I would miss out (I'm sure he did too). So as I set out to go and get the train I contemplated wearing my bag to church. Instead I went out, carrying nothing but my bible (which is something that I never do). I kind of had one of them days that I should carry it with pride, and so I did.

On the way to the train station I was strolling and it started raining (God's way of saying "Hurry up"). As I got on the train I placed the bible on the table. Out of nowhere I started examining the cover and how "beat up it looked" The sides and edges were peeling off. I noticed that it looked bigger than when I first got it because it had soaked up some water when my water bottle decided to gush out in my bag. I recall that it had also undergone some rain in the past, suffice to say I haven't been taking care of it much either. Yet, I found that the word in it was still intact. No words were watered down and the message was still clear. Another thing was made clear for me; This same "beat up" book still contained the word of God. In it, there was still salvation, conviction and life changing words within this very word. This brought about "the beauty inside". Dare I say the cliché, "don't judge a book by its cover".

I know you know where I'm going with this but I'm going to say it anyway. There is beauty inside of every single being, yet things are starting to turn around for the worse. You know, much like the bible, its true that many people out there are starting to feel unwanted. It goes way deeper than that. Not a week goes by where I don't read quotes like "If people mean anything to you, they will make the effort to text or talk to you". The sad truth is that's how people feel out there, that people aren't available for them or that they aren't among the main priority. Some people out there can't even get into strong friendships, meaningful relationships or even engage in conversations because of the pain they've been through in the past. They've allowed their experience to create scars in their lives that diminish their value. Frankly I understand. But I am being constantly reminded that, that is exactly how I've been treating the bible; barely reading it but always placing it in my bag, only for it to be ruined by various things. sometimes I'd even lose it from time to time. As I speak right now it's not even anywhere near me. My point is, even though I've done so much to it, it still changes my life every time I read it. It yet remains intact and despite the physical and spiritual pain I have caused, it continues to heal me. Which brings me to my favourite verse (Isaiah 40:8, "the grass wither and flowers fade, but the word of God remains forever"). The reason I decided to carry my bible alone was because I received some kind of conviction as if to say "you know you don't need this bag and yet you would carry it because you want to place your bible in it, what are you hiding from people? Are you ashamed that people will ask about it if they see you, isn't that kind of the point? Wow!!! How could to word of God speak so loud and clear even when it's closed. When I don't read it, it speaks out to me.... surely you can do the same to people who treat you less than expected.

So what's the point?
Did you know that so much is expected of you despite your struggles?  Truth is we have all gone through some ugly situations in our lives that may lead us to believe that we ourselves are ugly and filthy both in and out. The real truth is you can use those situations as testimonies to edify so many people in similar situations. Oppression will always come to taint you but how many times are you willing to show oppression your inner beauty?  I recently heard a song where a guy said that he lives in possibly the worst neighbourhood ever but he refuses to leave because he's the only source of bible that the people in that neighbourhood know. This is probably the same guy that faces danger and physical pain nearly every single day... how is he able to do it ? Bible says " To whom much is given, much is expected" (Luke 12:48). So since we have been given the eternal word, how long will you refuse to see the beauty inside, which is, the beauty that gives eternity?

To conclude, we all carry beauty inside of us. The pains and scars are a part of us but they are responsible for the beautiful testimonies that come out of them. Much like the bible, we are often "Beat up", torn, gone through rain or even weighed down. Yet, the beauty inside is the word we contain, the stories we have and the ability to rise above and not give up. Embrace that beauty.

P.s everything does happen for a reason... I could have missed out on this revelation.

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” ― P.C. Cast

And that's not #Omni
God bless you for reading

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