Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Speak Out!

I apologise in advance for this long post. However I'm sure you will laugh very well and hopefully this will impact you in endless ways.

Last week I highlighted the fact that it's safe to say that the lord has allowed me to go through certain things in life so that I could learn a thing or two from them. My job now is to receive inspiration on how to acquire that knowledge and apply it in real life situations for anyone that might have experienced the same or is going through one right now. That being said, today's topic will be based on "Bullying". I'm sure we've all been victims of this, quite serious and tormenting abuse before but just in case you say haven't, now is the time to stop lying and speak out. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

So I used to live in the city back in South Africa where the TV naturally became my best friend while my parents used to either work or travel most of the time. I'll tell you one thing, television is such a powerful and influential tool when you're young... but perhaps I'll write a blog post about it in many more to come (By God's grace). So at some point my parents couldn't have me alone at home any more so they sent me back to the village to live with my grandmother so I could attend school there and so on. Like any other child I made a few friends but as you know you can't make everyone like you. Ask God He'll tell you. This one time during assembly a guy came up to me and started threatening to hit me if I didn't move from where he was standing. A city boy like me? I started recalling all the "Karate" and  "kung fu" shows  I used to watch that I could use against him.... I was 7 years old don't judge me.  That being said as I tried to stand up for my self one of my friends gave me this pale face filled with so much fear almost as if to say "do you know who that is ? He will kill you don't mess with him". I have never seen a pale, black guy before but this fear was so great it shook me. Long story short, I had a bully.

From that day on, this guy was on my case in school so much that sometimes I wouldn't look up to going to school any more. You know them TV shows where the little guy gets his lunch money taken off him and gets random slaps after school ?  That was me. This went on for quite a while until my grandmother found out somehow. One afternoon after school as I walking with my bully receiving the usual, my older cousin and his friend came out of nowhere and chased after him and I'' tell you this, never have I seen a beating so bad that made a brother cry like that. You think I'd be happy right? Nope. I was shouting at my cousin saying "what are you hitting him for what's wrong with you leave him alone!!" Why ? Simple, tomorrow was another day and I was so scared that I was going to get a double portion of bullying like never before... my cousin wasn't always going to be there. After all that we went home and my grandmother found out what I did and she simply whooped me for my stupidity. Turns out she had a hand in planning the beating that afternoon. Oh and by the way, my bully never touched me ever again.

Now that I've grown up a little I see the same thing happening in our generation. Much like myself, bullying has evolved in several dimensions that we barely comprehend. Here's a side note... one of my friends said that it is better for them to be beaten by their parents than to be given out or shouted at. They expressed that if they get beaten, the pain will go away, but words? they could last quite a long time. Think about it, bullying has gone more verbal than violent... oh and it hurts. Can you believe that depression has now become a trend because of bullying. Still don't believe you're a victim ? let's read some more

We all have one bully in common; the devil. You know, at some point, someone came to tell you all about the devil and what he can do and they filled you with so much fear that they forgot to tell you all about Jesus. Think of the devil as the head bully who has seen the power of  verbal bullying or abuse. For example, when you wake up and you set out to do a task but then something in your mind tells you that you can't do it because you are weak or unable, that's the devil. But let's just say you shake it off anyway and you go out there and do your task but as you are struggling, a group of people come up to you and laugh exclaiming that you can't do it, guess who's using them to bully you? One more example ? Even Jesus was a victim of bullying (Matthew 4:1-11). Here you see the devil blatantly saying "Bro you're not the son of God because if you were, you would do this.." (excuse my paraphrase). Jesus shook it off anyway and just as He continued to do His task up to the point of crucifixion  we see it again in Luke 23:35 that people told Jesus that If He was the son of God then He should save Himself... sound familiar?

Moral of the story: We have all been bullied before but the greatest of these is the devil. Bullying has evolved from "give me your lunch money", to "give me your soul". Time and again you'll find out that we allow him to penetrate our minds and fill us with the most disgusting and vile thoughts that allow us to indulge in in the dirtiest of sins if any. On top of that we forget to ask for mercy. When we do this we are actually protecting and defending him and therefore God has no other option but to punish us for our silence just as my grand mother beat me up.

Here's the solution: Speak Out!! I dare you to tell God about your bully and see what He can do for you. Do what Jesus did, for was it not He that said "Get thee behind me Satan" ? and did Satan not flee ? don't fear the devil as if he will come back the next day with a louder bang. Think of him as a creepy crawly, he's more afraid of you than you are of him. Seriously guys, don't suffer in silence while the enemy takes joy over your life it doesn't make sense. Speak Out.

And that's not #Omni
God bless you for reading.

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