Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Christian Closet

 I have actually been sitting here for the past few minutes thinking of how I'm going to start this post. And just like that << I started it. Haha alright now for the fun "stuff". While I was actually in the middle of this post the story of  Jesus when He foresaw that at the time of Crucifixion Peter would deny Him three times before the rooster crowed came to mind.

So it's been a couple of months now since the Irish "same-sex marriage" referendum came to pass and for those past few months I have sat under a few teachings in church where most people have recited the words "the referendum was the first time where Christians all over Ireland made a stand for God and came together", or something along those lines. During those days while I was also idly standing for God I had a series of thoughts in my head, one of which was the term "coming out of the closet" which is the term  given to homosexuals when they publicly proclaim who they really are. Before I continue this post I'd like to say I have no interest in debating whether homosexuality is good or bad. I know what the bible tells me and that's what I'm sticking with. One thing I truly admired about this referendum, although it might seem somehow, was the fact that so many people came out of their closets either in proclaiming who they were or in supporting the idea of it and left the closet with us, hence the title.

I was on Facebook the other day and I was preparing a status that I knew would somehow bless people and while I was in the middle of it I found myself just trying to be too careful about how I wrote it. I played the usual scenarios in my head prior to this and I could hear the words "Pastor Innocent", the joker's "Holy holy", the default "amen" and scrolling down to other things and the silent "ahh another God post" in our heads, and I felt really discouraged and thought to myself "what a shame". I found it a shame that so many young people out there that, with the right push, would be able to boldly share their faith in their social networks but just can't because standing out for what is true in this generation is somewhat frowned upon. It's even worse when you notice it's the people who know about God that help force each other into that closet.

The more I think about it I realize that  remaining in the closet has truly corrupted us into a state of confusion. In fact I am convinced that one of the main reasons that this referendum passed is because the people who were in it grew tired of remaining there. Not only that but it seems as if the more they stayed the hungrier they became to just come out and not only come out but to be legalized and be accepted. Needless to say, such movement is being noticed globally. When I look at us now, those who yet remain in the closet, I see comfort our new habitat. The desire to leave the closet is thin. Some us have become Bi- Christians whereby we find it alright to see the world and heaven  and try to swing both ways.

When I look at the life of Peter I can actually understand some things. Peter walked with Jesus as His disciple until The death and Resurrection and during those times he saw some serious miracles that Jesus did and till this very moment I wonder how someone would deny such a being? Seriously how, like you know what He is capable of what more clarity could you possibly need!!!!? Some of us would say that "well he was afraid to die" and while I somewhat agree with that I think it goes deeper. Not only did this happen to fulfill the prophecy and scripture of the certainty of God's word, but I believe that this Prophecy was so powerful that it still hangs in this generation. The only thing that has changed  since then is the advancement of technology but the same scenario still remains for some of us. People are out there doing doing the same thing like those witnesses did, saying things like "I saw your post on Facebook about God oh my gosh I never knew about this side of you" and we immediately get uncomfortable about the situation and although we don't deny him with our lips we do it in our hearts because we don't share how real He is to those who are curious. When we do this we actually hide Him in the closet all in the name of avoiding social isolation.

I have lived with this mindset for a while where before I even attempt to write a post I think of what my work colleagues and college mates will think of me and I've realized just how much I've diluted the concentrated word of God. Because of that I'm always reminded "are you afraid of people or the being that created them".  When bible records that Peter went out and cried bitterly and went out (Matt 26:75) before the the death of Christ, I am now being encouraged by this word after the Resurrection in John 21:17 "He saith unto him the third time, Simon (Peter), son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep", which in my understanding, was God's way of saying "Son I know you love me, I love you too but I don't love you in secret, If I did I wouldn't just put you into the world I would keep you for myself and keep on telling you that I love you. Son this is what you're doing, you not only love me in secret, but you're not even giving my other children the chance to love me as much as I love them, even more. Son, please come out, and let people know how you came out (feed my sheep). I love you".  

I refuse to stand idle because of opinions and more and it is because of that, that I felt this was needed and this is definitely for someone out there. Don't be afraid to stand out. Drop the occasional God is good on your posts and watch that status win battles for them that need it. #SOCIALEVANGELIST

"But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven"- Matthew 10:33
And that's not #Omni
God bless you for reading.