Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Working Hard ?

Hey everyone I hope this message meets you well. On this post I thought I'd do something a little different, if that's ok with you ( not that you have a choice really but my mother taught me manners :P)

The young man you see below is called Emmanuel Osungboun (Smiley), who happens to be one of the most gifted drummers out there in Dublin. To be honest I've known this guy for a little while and I've always known him to be more of a joker than anything up until today. So Smiley came to my college today briefly and wanted to leave so he could get some food. I was hungry too so I followed him. On the way to the food joint he started cracking jokes as he normally would and constantly kept mentioning how hungry he was and I'm there thinking "ah here bro chill" (turns out the dude had been fasting). So anyway we get to the place and we order some food and I find myself eating and texting on the phone, which he notices. To my surprise he mentions how much he doesn't like that and convinces me to drop it and so I do (bare in mind me and smiley barely ever talk so it could been awkward). Eventually we get talking and all I can say is wow!! So he starts off by giving me blog advice, which was really interesting. Then he asks me about the band I'm in and how far I'm going with singing at the moment. So I explain to him that basically the process is a little slow because we're not as productive as we should be, plus we're always busy and I'm basically giving every excuse I can in the book, as I normally do. He looks at me and says something like "Maybe when you start living off it you'll take it serious". At this point I wasn't saying much so he continued on speaking. He started explaining how he basically makes his income through drumming and teaching others how to drum. On top of that he was sharing his story about how he also has to contribute money at home every month from the money he makes from teaching students.

I loved how honest he was with everything. You see it wasn't always easy for him and it still isn't. His income was dependent on the students he was teaching. Sometimes he would charge them relatively low and sometimes his students would travel. In other words, he made little or nothing from his efforts. All this time he was talking I was thinking just how we normally take instrumentalists for granted. Sometimes we forget that the gifts they possess is a craft and wasn't easy to master. I'm not talking on the subject of whether paying them or not is right but one thing is for sure. The level of appreciation given to them doesn't always match the effort they put in. If you wont admit it I will. See I've always known this guy to be one of the best drummers out there but I never ever considered how hard working he is let alone how he lives off it and also how it has taught him to be so independent.

when I was reflecting on this today I realised a few things. First I realised that maybe I'm not working as hard as I think I am. I'm a slacker. I know this because there's a difference between me and him. His hard work is driven by determination, mine is driven by complaint. Secondly it made me realise just how much I don't take God seriously. When smiley said "Maybe when you start living off it you'll take it serious" it showed me that I'm not living off God as much as I should and that's why I don't take Him serious. That's why my productivity is covered by excuses. Some of us find it hard living off God because we love control and are crippled by the unknown when God is silent. Another thing Smiley said was "The greatest thing God can test is your patience".  This is were most of us fall and have unproductive lives. Some of us claim to be living off God but turn back to dilute our faith with plan B's, which also takes us nowhere. 
I really don't have much to say but I need you to ask yourself this. Do you really think you're working hard on your goals Are you living off God? Do you think you're working hard enough to trust God with your goals ? Does your hard work compliment your faith?

Wish I could share more but I have to stop here. Oh yes, did I mention he was 17 ??

"Maybe when you start living off it you'll take it serious"- Emmanuel Osungboun 
and that's not #Omni
God bless you for reading. 

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