Thursday, 18 June 2015

Just..... Let Go

It has  been quite a while but I trust you have all been doing well.

Recently I've been obsessing thoughts in my head and I realised that it has really messed me up big time. Through a small thought, I started over-thinking and it later led to over exaggerating situations that further led into something I couldn't even handle. Something that was all in my head came to manifest and it not only affected me but the people around me. Funny thing is we always think we have control over our thoughts but we don't. I wasn't seeking answers about my recent problem but funny enough I was reading God's word and a few things started making sense.

A few months Ago one of my sisters asked us about the difference between King Saul and King David. Why did God love David so much? We obviously concluded that David was labelled as a man after God's heart so that was one upper hand. But what about Saul?  Long story short The book of 1Samuel Talks about a young man named Samuel who is sent by God to anoint Saul as king because the people of Israel were desperate for one. However, a time comes when war breaks out between the Israelites and the Philistines, to which the Israelites prepared themselves for battle. Samuel specifically tells Saul to go ahead to the battle ground and to wait for him there for seven days so that he could come and give a burnt offering to God for the establishment of Saul's Kingdom. Saul, who's nation is now under attack, waits for Samuel for 7 days as agreed but sees no sign of Samuel and therefore proceeds with the burnt offering himself. Samuel comes moments later and finds Saul explaining that his people were under attack and were scattering and thus resorted to what he thought was best at that time, to which Samuel considers as disobedience to God. This action causes Samuel to remove the prosperity of Saul's kingdom through God, who had then sought another man to be King of Israel after His own heart (later known as none other... than...The might King David).

I pondered on this book for a while and thought to myself "Really?". I mean I understand it was disobedient but was it really worth stripping a man off his kingdom? I mean for all we know he was genuine with the offering. It could be that he thought something bad had happened to Samuel... maybe the Philistines had gotten to him or something I don't know but like come on!!! Considering the sins that David was yet to commit (Spoiler alert!!), this is not that bad!!!. Then it hit me.... Saul was worried. Saul did what any man would do. He panicked and thought "this is the end nahh I better do something quick where are my people it is not God's will that I lose or die like this" He was worried and the wait was just too much for him. Haha, funny thing is that in his thoughts he didn't even consider the fact that dying in obedience under God's watch would have been a divine guarantee into heaven. Unfortunately, like most of us... his battle was that of worldly grounds.

The thing about most of us is that we are facing so many responsibilities out there  and we have no clue on how to face them. So most of us resort to facing them on our own. the thoughts in our minds are killing our faith, destroying our relationships, make us emotionally sick and are contaminating the heart. Our thoughts bring about the heaviest burdens and instead of letting go we choose to hold them and bear with them till they exhaust us to our last breaths. did you know that your worries are striping you off your Kingdom? (think about that....but not too much)

This week I want us all to try out something new and see how it will affect our lives. If you enjoy the outcome I'd advise to apply it into your lives forever and see how happy you will be come.
I don't have much to say about the moral lesson in this piece it pretty much speaks for it self.
JUST LET... GO!!...... and be happy :)

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" Matthew 6:34

And that's not #Omni
God bless you for reading.